Cross-Border Giving: A Legal and Practical Guide

Now in a user-friendly softcover, with spacious margins for note taking, the workbook edition of Cross-Border Giving is a grantmaking tool as smart and adaptable as you are!

A timely and comprehensive book, Cross-Border Giving is required reading for any professional in international philanthropy and is relevant to any person or organization working across borders. Cross-Border Giving covers a multitude of topics including: ethical grantmaking, the closing space for civil society, equivalency determination & expenditure responsibility, preparing for an audit, and many more.

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International Grantmaking Symposium
June 3 & 4, 2020
New York City, NY

Launched in 2015, the IGS aimed to fill a gap in the sector by offering a training specifically tailored to the needs of professionals dedicated to advancing international philanthropy.

The IGS has become the preeminent forum for our fellow practitioners, corporate foundation colleagues, advisors, and attorneys to come together and learn about the latest rules and regulations governing cross-border giving. We focus on rules in the US, as well as country laws impacting the ability of foreign nonprofits to receive funding from outside of their country’s borders.

And we don’t stop there. At the IGS, we take a close look at how these rules are applied in practice and how they interact with the current trends affecting philanthropy, such as the closing space for civil society. While we discuss the challenges of cross-border philanthropy,  we also share best practices that enable us to provide support where it is needed most.

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