NGO Global Connect

Simple Solutions for International Giving

Cross-border grantmaking can be complicated and risky — but it doesn’t need to be.

NGOGlobalConnect provides a series of open source educational resources to empower organizations like yours with your grantmaking process. We address common questions, and concerns surrounding the tools for international charitable giving.

Are you new to the field of international philanthropy? Are you an established grantmaker looking for new resources? NGOGlobalConnect offers materials tailored to all levels of expertise and experience. See our Resources page for frequently asked questions:

  • What are Expenditure Responsibility and Equivalency Determination?

  • What makes certain countries more difficult to give to than others? To which countries am I not allowed to give?

  • What can I do to lower the risk of my organization being used for money laundering?

  • Where can I keep up with all of the relevant sanctions by the US government?

  • How can I be sure my money is used how I want?

  • What are the different kinds of vehicles I can use to give abroad?

NGOGlobalConnect is updated regularly in order to stay abreast of developing issues in cross-border giving. If you don’t see your question answered here, please contact us directly through our contact page.

NGO Global Connect is a project of CAF America, a global grantmaking organization founded in 1991 and part of the CAF Global Alliance. CAF America was the first to answer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s call in 2012 to help US donors take advantage of reduced barriers to international philanthropy. An expert in theoretical, legal, and practical challenges of cross-border giving, CAF America established NGO Global Connect to share its expertise and to provide simple solutions to this complex process.